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"Best Free Alternative To Roboform"

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everyone who wishes roboform was free again needs to check this out. this offers auto fill and auto login just like roboform. but there are no password limits.

yes some will not like the fact their passwords can only be stored on an encrypted server but all that integrate with the browser that are free do that.

so if you dont want to pay for a password manager that has no limitations you have 2 choices.

1) get on that integrates into your browser and works similar to roboform while accepting it stores your passwords on an encrypted server


2) go with a password manager that you install on your desktop that you have to copy and paste your passwords into the sites by hand.

  • completely free
  • no limitations
  • auto login
  • auto fill
  • easy to use
  • stores your passwords on an encrypted server not on your pc.

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29 Nov 2008

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